The Normalisation of Genocide.

In the last year of the Cambodian genocide, around 600,000 people were killed.  In the final year of the Holocaust, around 7 million people were killed.  Whether a genocide, is a genocide, is currently determined by the numbers of death at a given time.  The term ‘Genocide’ was formulated by Polish R.Lemkin around 1946, to describe the Holocaust.  This is the standard used by the United Nations today.  

I received an invitation to attend an event at the House of Commons and duly took up the opportunity to learn about an issue I was unfamiliar with and I am glad I did.  All in attendance were there because they and I, wanted to know more about the Hindu Prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.  I admit my knowledge of Indian Politics isn’t great  but my huge respect for the Monitoring group and it’s director Suresh Gover meant this was an oportunity I could not miss.

What I heard and witnessed, will affect me for a long time.  Suresh Gover helped to highlight the horrific experiences of four British Muslims who visited Gujerat in 2002.  Members of that family were brutally killed and the family were left to find the remains which were withheld for a uneccessary time, before the family could conduct the funeral.  

The BJP’S prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has failed to protect, register, investigate or collect medical evidence from crimes committed in which 2000 people died during three main days of killing raping and maiming, The unprecedented nature of the crimes comprised sexual violence and mass barbarism as described by Human rights commentators.

I heard how a three year old child was raped in front of its mother and a pregnant woman’s womb sliced open, the featus hacked then burnt as well as a Hindu woman taking part in the violence and rape.  Narendra Modi has never acknowledged the destruction caused and has presided over the worsening of womens rights and issues.  Narendra expects absolute devotion to one’s religion and has been a member of the RSS (Rashitriya Swayamsvek sangh) from the age of eight.  This organisation ( National volunteers Corps) an exclusively male organisation dedicated to propagating the political ideology of Hindutva, is influenced by Italian Fascism and Nazism.

Tha apparatus of state was used against the community.  There was state complicity in the violence.  Modi has shown that he is able to mobilize the RSS and as head of the chain of command, he has questions to answer.  So why are the British now shaking hands with him where once he was banned from entering this country?  The Supreme court has never pronounced on Modi’s guilt and a special investigation team has said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.  The violence was carefully orchestrated and we see evidence of this where all traffic in the vicinity of the area was halted and the killing permitted to happen over THREE days and more.

Labour and Tory friends of India have stepped in to welcome Modi with an invitation to address MPs in the House of Parliament and is now perceived as a legitimate contender to be Prime Minister.  The US government, in February 2014, has changed it’s tune and sought an official meeting with Modi.   No explanation of the serious violation of religious freedom has been explained.  Modi should remain a pariah in Britain, not welcomed with open arms.  Even Death threats were orchestrated against the event holders and ‘others’ warned not to hold the event in Parliament.

Why am I so affected by this?  I am affected by this because it sends the wrong message.  It seems that a leader will become an eventual friend of the British, if that leader shows he is able to mobilize an army to attack others based upon their religious choice.  In Britain there are those of us campaigning for justice in regards to many deaths in Custody over many years and there has only been around two prosecutions since records were kept. The latest shooting of Mark Duggan on the streets of London despite the fact that he did not have a gun and was surrendering when he was shot ….twice, shows the normalisation of genocide in the black community as far as I am concerned.  I say this because many millions died in slavery and we class this as genocide.  The police have now arrested the 7th person for the death of PC Blakelock.  In 1976 6 people were put on trial for the murder of PC Blakelock and the trial judge dismissed the charges against these men AFTER they had been traumatized in the system and were innocent. In 2014 the police have chosen another innocent man.  The men of Tottenham are being subjected to a vendetta and this has been  agreed by amnesty international.  

While the British normalize genocidal intent abroad, they stealthily use Black men to fund the prison system, the guards the officers, probation officers and everyone gets paid. Look at the statistics for yourselves.  No one wins from this divide and conquer system.  in the end if we do not stand together, they will come for YOU.  History has shown this.






Stop Paying Lip Service to Dr. King’s Legacy

“Dr. King was not interested in self-aggrandizement. He found it more essential to prioritize the collective good over any personal ambition”.

Revolutionary Paideia

Too often we hear people quoting lines from various speeches Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered, and they express their commitment to working to achieve and honor King’s legacy.  Unfortunately, too many people who quote Dr. King’s lines are only paying lip service to his true legacy.  Although King envisioned a day when America would have a Black President, he would be disappointed with President Obama’s economic record.  The national unemployment rate for Black is 13.4%.  In many major cities across the nation that are heavily Black, the unemployment rate is at least double what it is for Blacks nationally.  While all of the blame cannot be placed on President Obama for his horrible economic record, most of the blame does have to fall squarely on his shoulders.  This is the same President who said that he has the ability to bring people together across party lines to accomplish “change…

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Learning to be stronger.

I have learned a very important lesson this year.  At the end of last year, I had no inkling of what was to come.  There was much talk of ‘The Shift’ and that December 2012, would be time of great upheaval.  Many were nervous despite sayings to the contrary, I was one of them.  It turns out, that, even though I had made the decision to be cautious as best I could, just in case, there was not a single thing I could have done to prevent fate taking it’s course.

You see….somethings are just meant to be.  You know how it is when, you try to prevent something from happening?  You expend all that energy keeping the wolves at bay.  You keep that camp fire burning in the night, and in the day you keep guard.  Invariably you become weary and turn your back for an instance and then… happens.  

It is almost as though, the spirits were just waiting for you to tire.  The valiant efforts you put up, just appeared to slow down the inevitable.  

Now, I am by no means..a week woman so how come, as a former athlete who trained to win,  could I not win this time?  I think I have figured it out.  We are not meant to win ALL the time.  I have carried quite a few people in my short time here in this existence and my reserves were depleted, but I do not regret it.  Not one thing!  If I were not strong enough, I would not have been committed to the challenge.

Many of us do not really consider the (what some may call a cliche)  ‘there is a lesson to be learned’ statement.  With every horrible thing that may happen to you or someone you love, there is only one way to come through this experience with your sanity intact.

I have been contemplating this recently. When there is nowhere else to turn, once you have turned every permutation over in your head, you come back to the same old you.  

ImageYou are an imagination of yourself.  So, the question now becomes, what must I learn from this?  You do not beat yourself up about it.  The quicker you learn what that lesson is, the quicker you make room in your life for life’s blessings.  Namaste.